O2 Flow

O2 Flow is a research facility for cytometry and cell sorting which serves the research groups of VUmc, VU Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam, based at the O|2 Lab building. O2 Flow is also open to collaboration with other universities and offers a wide portfolio of services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The O|2 Lab building also has unique access to the expertise in the Chemistry and Systems Biology departments. The chemists are helping us optimize the reagents required for the abovementioned technology, while our systems biology colleagues are helping us develop bioinformatics tools to decipher the massive amount of information generated by this technology.

Juan J. Garcia Vallejo, Assistant Professor in VUmc’s Molecular Cell Biology & Immunology department and scientific advisor to O|2 Flow:

'’Our mission is to provide access to state-of-the-art technologies, services, and expertise in flow cytometry, imaging, and mass cytometry in order to enhance scientific discovery in fundamental and translational research. We are committed to the continuous development of our cytometry expertise and the transfer of these techniques to other areas of research, enhancing the role of cytometry as a key methodology in biomedical research.’’

Helios-cyTOF3 instrument
Helios-cyTOF3One of the applications we are working on at this facility is the identification of biomarkers to help choose the right type of therapy for cancer patients. At present, we routinely screen brain and pancreas patients with antibody panels of up to 45 markers using a Helios-cyTOF3 instrument. This unique technology enables us to look at all possible immune populations in blood and to differentiate between all kinds of functional markers. This not only allows us to determine the number of cells of a certain type in a patient’s body, but also whether these cells are capable of attacking cancer cells and so might be candidates for use in immunotherapy.