AO|2M and O2 Flow

In the O|2 Lab Building, researchers make collective use of valuable, modern research facilities. They also collaboratively invest in the state-of-the-art equipment. This not only ensures that labs and equipment are used efficiently and effectively, but also stimulates further intensive collaboration and knowledge innovation.
Two prime examples within the O|2 Lab Building are:

  • AO|2M, the advanced 3D and super-resolution microscopy core platform in the Amsterdam Area.
  • O2 Flow, a first-rate core facility for cytometry research. This is the most technologically advanced and complete cytometry facility in the Netherlands.

Setting up crucial core facilities such as AO|2M (microscopy) and O2 Flow (cytometry) on the basis of interdepartmental collaboration truly takes science to the next level. Above all, this is thanks to the synergy between multidisciplinary research teams and experienced scientists.