AO|2M: the advanced 3D and super-resolution microscopy core platform

Dr René J.P. Musters, Assistant Professor at VUmc’s Physiology department and Advanced Optical Microscopy Core Facility Manager (AO|2M):

“AO|2M pools all the ‘high-end’ 3D and super-resolution microscopy platforms from Physiology, Anatomy & Neurosciences and of Molecular Cell Biology & Immunology and brings them together in the O|2 Lab building. Our main focus and expertise is the implementation, sharing and improving of multi-dimensional optical microscopy and nanoscopy techniques in translational medical research. This approach enables us to jointly apply, exchange and improve advanced microscope techniques.”

During the scientific opening symposium of the O|2 Lab building on 29 September, 3D representations were displayed in a Dreamoc. These holograms represent a cross section of the research we carry out within the context of AO|2M: from brain to heart and from organ, via cell, to molecule. 

3D image of a white blood cell battling tumour cells